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My small AIR Base 1/48 ...

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Built something that would look at home on your airbase Philippe.  I went to RAF Bentwaters and the museum has a nice NF-2 Floodlight set.  I wanted one in 1/48 but no one seems to make a kit, so a scratch built one with working lights




Happy new year to you too

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Hello, what kind of material do you use for the insides of the HAS?
I have several Preiser's and like to add such detail aswell. Do you want to share it?


It looks like ribbed - corrugated cardboard?



There is 5mmx7mm Dia Flexible Corrugated Conduit Tube Pipe

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2 minutes ago, philippe.chauvin said:

Hello bare side …


it's almost that a plane that existed in 1987 but which we did not know existed...

F-117?  They visited Lakenheath so I am sure they were at Spangdahlem at some point

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A little history.


In 1980, I was a "skeeter wing" (one stripe), 18 year old airman and this is where I went to work every day.  I rode my bicycle from the barracks and went in the door marked, put my bike against the wall in the hangar and all our line trucks were parked where Philippe has placed the AGE equipment.  We had our 0700 formation in the hangar and I went to go get a tool box from the tool crib, basically adjacent to the AGE shop in the direction of the arrow.  In 1981, new USAFE directives came out that our shop had to be located in a hardened shelter so we spent days relocating everything to a specially configured TAB-V up the hill by the 23rd FS.  But the hangar remained our "load barn" where load crews, 32 of them with three people each had to cycle through weapons load training every 30 days on every munition in the inventory.  It usually took a full eight hours.  It was done 24 hours a day and rarely was there no activity except weekends.   On airshow day, the hangar doors were wide open and two F-4's would be in there, as always but with maintenance stands for people to walk up and get their pictures taken sitting in the cockpit.  


I was there for two years and it was one of the toughest places to have a first assignment for any rank.   

hangar 01a circle arrow WORDS SMALL.jpg

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