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RCAF Fortress 9203

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Okay, okay, time for an update.

I guess I won't be finishing 9203 on time (even with the six month extension!!!) so I'm going to try and get her done for Heritagecon in February.

I really wish I could have got her completed but between work, helping with the Harvard Association, and moving out of my parents' place I have had practically no free time to work on her. (and the fact that all my modelling stuff was packed up for a month or two)

I also have yet another Sault College Zlin to finish, as well as a DHC-2 Beaver and SEVEN Harvards to go on a mobile for friends of mine who recently had their first child.

Here's two of the Harvards ready for decals. (and yes, the seven are the ones CHAA has in Tillsonburg)

They started out as el-cheapo Hobbyboss T-6G's that I 'Canadianized' with the extra frame on the rear canopy, exhaust heaters, and sanding off the top canopy frames for the Mk 4's)


(the one on the left with the red trim will be 20436/C-FWLH which was part of the RCAF Heritage Flight about 10 years ago...and it IS that shade of yellow too)

Anyway, on to the Fortress.

I FINALLY found that friggin window that I lost back in the spring so I was able to close the fuselage up.

Here's the interior before I did that.


(didn't realize how dusty it was until looking at these pictures)

And I added a floor to the rear fuselage since nothing was provided in the kit. The two seats in the radio room were removed as well.


Fuselage closed up.


Underside showing chin turret plug (supplied in the kit believe it or not!) and the bomb doors installed.


Test fitting everything together.


The wings are both glued up but I still have to putty and sand the seams on the right wing.

I guess we'll see what happens from here. Shouldn't be too difficult to finish now, just finding the time to do it. Sucks that I'll miss the deadline though. Oh well...


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