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This is my second entry, a A-7A Corsair II in 1/48 from Hobby Boss with eduard photoetched parts and homemade decals/ painted on markings combined with the kit decals.

I will paint it in the colors of VA-153 on board of USS Oriskany in 1971.

I am more the WW2 guy so my knowledge about modern jet planes is a little bit limited, but as far as I can see the biggest issues are the intake and canopy area. Fixing the intake shouldn´t be a big problem, some heat and squeezing and it will probably look ok. Not sure what I can do about the canopy... :)


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Today I started the first steps to fix the intake. After some candle heat and squeezing the nose area looks a little bit better:


I melted a small piece of the intake edge, this happens if you play with fire :thumbsup:


More pictures of my progress next week...

Happy new Year!

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I was busy working on a new canopy. I filled the original kit piece with magic sculp, added some putty here and there, built an vacu-form machine and after the third try I now have an acceptable looking new canopy :D



I also started with the cockpit and pilot (the pilot is from monogram)


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After a lot of sanding the new canopy is in place and the intake and nose are also finished:


I scratch build launcher rails for the Shrike missiles (these are not included in the hobby boss A-7 kit, I will instead using Monogram shrikes):


Now my Corsair is almost ready for painting...


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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks Yardbird78!

I was quite busy the last weeks, not much time for modeling :)

I painted the missiles and bombs and applied the first layer of gloss grey on the A-7. The white underside was also reworked with another layer of white:


I am planning to use the salt weathering technique on this one (my 1st try :) )


And now back to work, adding decals on my shrikes...

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