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Ju 388- Planet Models 1/48 Resin

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Well done, Chuck!! :thumbsup:

Don't get the big head but, IMHO, you are one of the most inspirational builders I've ever seen. I know I learn a ton by watching you build. Thanks much for taking us on these little trips with you. :worship: :worship:



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What a masterpiece!

I'm not talking of the model alone, but also the story-board with all the cartoons: awesome photos, great and instructive tips.

I don't remember who wrote this, but I second it 100%:

Chuck, you should do book of these WIPs!


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Chuck - what a great model! I agree - I learn so much just following along. There are 3 things that I am still trying to get right - proper masking of canopies, oil washes and arials.... I like the look of the invisible thread - who makes it or what do I look for?


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Thanks, gents- you're all too, too kind! When I started this thing I had no idea of the twists and turns that would take place- but it was just a matter of sticking with it. Oh- and having fun at it, too! My favorite part of modeling has always been problem-solving- there's always a way to get it done- and not kill yourself doing it.

If you haven't noticed my next build, it's an Me509- look here. It's for a good cause, too- and in memory of a good modeler lost.

CosairMan- that thread is available at just about any place that sells sewing supplies- JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, department stores, etc. It's cheap- and a spool is a lifetime supply. Use it to hang models from the ceiling, too! ;)

Again- thanks, ARCers!

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I would love to see a printed "How To/Comic Book" of your work.

Seconded! Your work is inspirational and thoroughly entertaining Chuck. Absolutely my favorite threads to read anywhere. Thanks for sharing your art with us and here's to many more magnificent builds and birds from you, If you know what I mean ;)

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I can't believe how much I've missed .... I had to go back to page 13 or something. Anyway - thanks so much for an entertaining ride Chuk. It's been a blast and I've learned so much it's ridiculous (finger covers HA! who knew??.

Couldn't agree with you more about Miracle Masks, nor Masters' barrels - wonderful. Have you tried Uschi van der Rosten's burnishing (blackening) liquid for the brass barrels? You just dip the brass into the liquid and depending on how long you leave them, they come out black - brilliant. Saves painting them which, how ever light a touch you have with an airbrush, runs the risk of losing detail.

Anyway .. an amazing build and thoroughly entertaining. Thank you.


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