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Ju 388- Planet Models 1/48 Resin

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Thanks, guys- thanks! Help is on the way- knock on wood, this should be a relatively easy fix. The kit wells are simple and structural only, with no extra detail to speak of. I'll get this lined up and it's time to finish that pit and paint! If you look at that last pic you'll see a brace bar and a white handgrip in the mid-point, right between the Frauleins. Got some levers in and more ready to go. Bomb sight, folding floor, gun controls, rudder pedals- canopies! All coming rught up.

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Nice to see you solved that landing gear wells issue. I like what you did with the landing light, I'll do the same to my 1/72 Ju-88G-6 :) This is getting better and better, keep us posted B) Best regards.


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Thanks, everyone! I swear I'll beat this thing into one piece- just you watch!

Skinny Mike, I sure will. I'm trying to use as much of the kit parts as I can- except for those I re-make from scratch, of course! I still have to sand some flats onto those tires, but that's nothin'.

Thanks for reading that, John- it's right here.

I've added some PE levers in the 'pit, but somehow missed the stupid nubs on the ends. Out they come!

More next time!


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Thanks, Obant!

Jose, I just used the punch that fit- do the same for your build! ;D

I'm home with a virus and should have been painting pictures of robots all day, but here's what I've gotten done this weekend. Cheers!








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[I'm utterly speechless!

Well ....... perhaps not so much that I can't say how brilliant I think your method of getting an accurate, quick template for your wheel well internals is - like all good ideas, simple but ingenious !

Keep 'em coming......


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Just as I was getting withdrawal symptoms you come to the rescue ... Yet another great instalment and, man, do you have the best toys? Great work on the IP and pedals.

As always, looking forward to more.


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OH yeah, I'm glad that your building this here chuk. I follow your work on hyperscale as well but over here it sure makes it easier to follow. Totally cool. BTW, you have a website or something? I want to see what else you have as of your cartoons.


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