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Naval Aviation 100th Anniversary Growler

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...hopefully no one gets relieved for doing something out of the norm.

Are you kidding?! The Navy is the only service that can get way with doing that. Can you USAF guys just imagine if someone tried to get a similar WWII USAAF scheme done on a current, active-duty, USAF bird? They would get so frustrated over the bureaucracy, and being told no it would drive them crazy!! (If someone can prove me wrong, I'd love to see the results!) It's rare enough that the Air National Guard guys do it, so I guess we should be thankful for that. Of course the Guard owns their planes.

I LOVE it that the Navy does this stuff!!!


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got some decent walkaround photos. i'll put them up when i get home in a couple hours. i just assumed it was a RAG design, but i'm glad to see there is some actual history behind the scheme.


It would have made more sense, though, to put the lightning bolt and "55" on the GSB Legacy Hornet, instead of on a modified tri-color scheme. Very few fighters were still around in the fleet by the time the geometric symbols were introduced.

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