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Convertin a 722 to 721

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I know that the 722 can be easily converted into a 721.

The problem is that I don´t know how much and where should I convert the fuselage.

And also, is there any way way to convert the second inlet, or should I buy a convertion kit?

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I attempted to shorten my Nitto 722 into a 721. If I remember correctly, I deleted 5 windows forward and aft of the wing to correct the length. The biggest problem was the aft wing fairing because it was part of the window deletion. I left the fairing intact, but now this has left me with a huge area to putty. I have placed the pieces in the box and haven't looked at in a very long time just because I don't have the patience to deal with it. Take a look at this link to see this modeler's attempt.


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Actually it's not easy at all. The entire #2 intake is different, and getting the necessary sections out of the fuselage while maintaining the wing/fuselage fairing is nearly impossible. Why not just use a Revell or Airfix -100?


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GO FOR! I did some year ago on AIRFIX -200 and add some extras drom AUTHENTIC AIRLINES (NOSE, INTAKE #2, ENGINES ...) and was one of my best best experience, you have to try and test your skills!

OOB is for KIDS, real modelers play with plastic! :D








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What Jennings said. It is much more than just a fuselage stretch. Just like a Hornet to Super Hornet is much more than just new intakes.

You pretty much need a whole new #2 intake (it is not just ovalised, it's also shorter and tilted), and new wing-body fairings.


I used on my the intake from AUTHENTIC AIRLINES and you cant get better then that, is just perfect!!! About the wing body fairings i use the reference from the BOEING reference guide for the 727 and was easy. :rofl:


If you want to build a -100 (love this plane) without converter my advise is go to the Kurt 727, is a jewel, and for the prices the old "AIRGHFIX" and REVELL go on ebay now, is better invest a little more and get a REAL 727!!!

My 2 cents only!

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