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Hasegawa Weapon Set E

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Hm, the set in The One True Scale seems to omit a lot of stuff that's in the 1/48th set...

When the 1/48 set was first announced, Hasegawa also used an illustration that didn't show everything in the set. So I believe there is more in this set than meets the eye.

Hoping for some GBU-38s and a Sniper.

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Now include them in the kits that use these weapons and I'll be happy.

Ah, but they don't... That's how they can keep their kit prices 'bargain-basement low'!!! :P


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I'm hopeful. I can't imagine it would be profitable to release a set that contains only seven items.

Think you'll see the 48th scale weapons set "E" broken up into two 72nd scale releases. The first as they have already noted being an air-to-air set with ECM pods and a second composed of targeting pods and ordnance. If they follow the construct of their previous releases in 72nd scale we will see a more generous release. Their LGB release had 3 GBU-24's, 3 GBU-16's/Skipper, 6 GBU-10's and 9 GBU-12's all in one box. Hopefully they'll do something like 3 Snipers w/ adaptor pylons, 3 Lightnings with adopter pylons, 3 GBU-31V/2 penetrators, 9 GBU-38's and possibly three of another GPS guided munition like a 1000 lb GBU-35 or a GBU-38.

In my opinion I like the way Hasegawa gives you more of the smaller items because it fits better with the actual loadouts. It's more economical than the Skunkworks 2 of everything approach.

Mark S.

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It'll be interesting to see how some of these items (such as the AN/ALQ-188 and -184) compare to the Tamiya parts already out. Is the LITENING pod going to be updated, or is it going to be the same one used in the Harrier kits? How does that one compare to the one in the Tamiya ANG F-16 boxing and the Academy F-15I?


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