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Howdy all.

Proof that i actually finish models from time to time!

This was supposed to be a 1 week quickbuild, that turned into about a 1 MONTH 'quickbuild'.

Please excuse the ordinary washed out pics, i was trying some different ideas with my lowly phone camera.

Here's how she looked straight off the gun:


I airbrushed what felt like a million coats (it's still a bit thin in some places) of Testors 'Turn Signal Amber metallic' orange over Tamiya white primer.




Ultimately, Typical Tamiya car kit (This is one of the 'older' ones) went together beautifully, detail is perfectly adequate, and it proved to be a perfectstress relief build. Another one to add cabinet :crying2:

Thanks for looking,


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Man, I thought the outdoor pictures were a 1:1 reference you were trying to copy!!!

Did you polish the paint job, use wax or anything? i build Tamiya bike kits, and sometimes struggle with a shinny finish.


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Thanks a lot guys!

I too was a bit bored with the 'usual' silver paint scheme. In hindsight, the hardest part of the build was picking a colour to paint it!

DaveT, The Porsche is just the paint off the gun, then (after a weeks drying time) polished with 3M ScratchX car polish.

To paint the models, I use the same technique used to paint the real things (Well, it's the way i was taught at least :monkeydance: ). The most important thing i've learnt is to be patient in between coats. Ill lay down the colour in one sitting (This sitting took a few hours as it took a long time to build up a solid colour, even over a white base coat).

After you've done the usual Prep the body and painted on a coat of your favourite primer, (i just use Tamiya fine white primer, straight from the rattle can), you're ready to paint.

Mix your paint fairly thin. I couldnt tell you a ratio, but make sure that you can spray it out smoothly.

First step is to mist on a coat of paint. just a fine spray. The idea here is to put on a nice thin coat that will help the subsequent coats stick.

I'll give that 5 mins to tack off, before applying another thin mist coat.

Wait another 5 mins, and now you can apply a thicker coat. you're not trying to get a solid coat of colour here. It's hard to explain how thick you make these 'middle' coats. You dont want it to be as thin as the mist coats, but you dont want it too thick either (otherwise your paint will all run off)

Experimentation is the key as always.

Paint on a coat, then wait 10 mins before putting on another one. (The reason for waiting between coats is that it gives the previous coat time to dry a little, so that the paint holds together, and doesn't run off. Also this helps to prevent 'orange peel')

Keep laying these coats down untill you build up a consistant colour

Once you've laid down enough 'middle'coats (I think there were about 10 or so on the Porsche) you can lay down some heavy coats. These coats wilkl be fairly wet (Again experimentation is the key, too wet and the paint will run, not wet enough and the paint will leave a rough texture. This is where you'll create you nice shiny finish. i put 3 heavy coats on the porsche, with 15 mins between each coat.

After that you should have a nice shiny coat of paint.

The same technique can be used painting straight from the rattle can, but you've got to have good controll of the nozzle pressure, so you can paint on even and consistant coats.

As with everything, it's easier said than done, but with a bit of practice you'll have it down in no time at all. if you've any questions dont hesitate to ask!

I look forward to seeing your progress!

Cheers all,


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It is the magic of Google!!!!

I just (re)start in this hobbie (the last one i made was almost 30 years ago), so in that time I used to paint with Lodela products (in Mexico), so I bought a Testor set on Iast month, and I´m trying to paint with brush with the Amber turn signal, but it is so translucid so I get frustrated, and made a google search to see how use this specific paint and this blog was the first item at the list


Nice work, and, you still building models



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