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Iranian AF Mig-29 9-12B Fulcrum

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Just finished today is my Mig-29 9-12B (aka Fulcrum) of the Iranian Air Force. This depicts machine 3-6115 of No. 28 Squadron ca. 1990's. From the beginning, my goal was to build with no expense, and to use only what I had on hand. The kit is nothing special, but it went together well and it was a lot of fun to try to replicate the paint scheme. The decals are from the High Decals set (HD72044) and I also enjoyed the research side of this as well. Enjoy!






(I also found the use for an unusual mix of base USMC sand!)

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Looks good, youve done agreat job and hats off to you.

Ive been wanting to build a few IRIAF models for my wife awhile, as shes from Iran and have a F-4E, F-5E, F-14A, SU-24 and a SU-25UB waiting in the stash, just the current F-111G model im working on has taken allot longer, hopeing ill finish it by the 23rd. :thumbsup:

Mike Grant, done some great decals, got a few of his and the rest are from HD.

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Thanks.. May I ask your wife a small favour please;

Can she confirm that the numbers in Farsi(?) actually match the regular "3-6115" numbers on that machine? I am curious about the accuracy of the decals..


PS - I have an "Ali-Cat" in the stash too...

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