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Su-24 main gear colors?

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I've dragged out the old DML 1/72 kits I had stalled on (then shelved) way back when to polish off and free up some space in the stash and now remember why they got shelved, other than the crummy fit and poor engineering.. lousy paint codes (first mistyped as coeds.. much more interesting that way..)

Has anyone got a copy of the newer Trumpeter 1/48 scale instructions handy?

What paint do they call for on the main gear and wheel wells?

DML has the gear wells as the same blue-green as the interior.

What paint do they say matches the overall grey?



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I've never seen *any* Soviet a/c with jade green wheel wells. That color(s) was(were) designed as a soothing cockpit color for pilots. I don't think the landing gear gets stressed out by living in a grey well. AFAIK all the Su products I've ever seen have had medium grey gear wells and struts.


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They look gray in the walkaround HERE

Perfect! Many thanks.

I totally forgot to look for walkarounds here

PrimePortal came up dry and there are almost too many on airliner.net to find anything in particualr.

Google images is usually a wash as well.

If anyone has the Gunze paint call-outs from the Trumpeter kit, I'd still be interested in seeing what they recommend.


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