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1/48 Hobbycraft T-33A

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I started this kit about 10 years ago and ended up shelving it as I was having trouble getting the finish right. Well I pulled it out of the closet last year and started messing with it again and finally got it to the point where it was finish enough to satisfy me. Normally I would weather my aircraft, but the fact that I finished this kit this far with out throwing it against the wall, was a achievment in itself. So figured I wouldn't push my luck and be happy with what I had.

Anyway this is the 1/48 scale Hobbycraft T-33A with the Misawa tip tanks. I used AeroMaster T-33's Over Korea pt. 1 decals of the 7th Fighter Bomber Squadron, 49th Figher Bomber Group scheme that was based out of Kusan in 1953. The model has an original coat of SNJ Aluminum, but then was sanded down and resprayed with Alclad II Aluminum. I had better luck the second time. I used resin seats for the kit, but can't remember who they are from, I think they are True Details or KMC, but not sure. All other colors used on the kit were Model Master paints and the kit was sealed with Future and and a light coat of Tamiya Flat.

Comments are welcome.









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