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The One and Only Boeing Model 299

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Ohhhhh... sweet!

If I can offer a bit of advice with the canopy? using wet 1500 grit, followed by 2000 grit (again wet), followed by the back paper side of the wet sandpaper sheet (ya, I'm not kidding), then after it's dried, the Future... once it's all dry, any framing can be added with high heat metal tape (the stuff you add on your furnace ducting..) Thin strips will give the effect of a very nice and crisp frame, and it's already metal in colour too... just my 2 cents.

Looking good though, that open top hatch will allow nice viewing into the flight deck off this unique bird.



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I am scratch building the xb-15 in 1/72nd scale. Where can I get a copy of the:"Handbook of Instructions Published by Authority of the Chief of the Air Corps by the Material Division in November, 1937."?

Information request please.

Also according to this color photograph the interior is natural metal and Khaki:XB-15 Interior..

Which makes me wonder if the interior of the B-299 and the Y1B-17's were not Khaki rather than Olive Drab. What is your reference for Olive Drab Carpet? I have not found it in any of my B-17 books.

Happy Modeling

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