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1/72nd and 1/144, small sale,

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Small sale, to make room for more tanks :worship:

Postage at cost, About £1.50-£2.50 for one the £0.50-£1.00 extra per kit or cheaper, Paypal only please

Also open to reasonable offers


Hase F-106 delta dart, missing 1 taill decal, but parts still sealed in bags 72470, £5.00 Was £6.00

Hase F-100 supersaber, complete and unstarted £5.00 Was £7.00

Hase A-37A/B Dragonfly, complete and unstarted £5.00 Was £7.00

Hase BAC Lightning F.6 complete and unstarted with airwaves etch set £10.00 PENDING

Italeri Bell UH-1B Huey still sealed £5.00

Airfix, all complete and unstarted

Hurricane/Sea hurricane A02096 £4.00

Spitfire Mk.9 A02065 inc some spare decals (when i find them)£4.00

BAC Jaguar GR.1 £5.00 Was £6.00

Airfix Lightning F-1A complete i think, original boxing dexcals in good nick £12.50 Was £15.00

More added 21/02 22:00pm

Hobby boss TA-7C, still sealed £6.00 Was £8.00

Revell Lightnings F.6 X2 complete and unstarted £6.00 Each Was £7.00

Revell Hawker Hurricane Mk.II b Mk.IIb (new tool), BOX OPENED, but bags still sealed and decals mint £5.00 Was £6.00

Revell Supermarine Spitfire Mk V, BOX OPENED, but bags still sealed and decals mint £5.00 PENDING



Hawker Hunter fga.9 04039 £3.00 SOLD

Tornado GR.Mk.1 04063 £2.50 Was £3.00

F-14A black Tomcat 04029 £2.00 Was £2.50

F-15A Tigermeet 04005 £2.00 Was £2.50

X-35B JSF 04009 £4.00 PENDING

E-2C Hawkeye 04012 £6.00 SOLD

A-10A Thunderbolt 04054 £3.00 Was £4.00


Mig 21 PF Fishbed-D £2.50 Was £3.00


F/A-18A on carrier deck £4.00 Started, fuselage joined together, but other wise all there. Was £5.00


Sepcat Jaguar £2.50 Was £3.00

Hobby Craft

Mig-25 £2.50 Was £3.00

Or all unsold/current 1/144 kits for £30, reduced to £25, reduced to £20.00 now £17.50 posted to a UK mainland address (i.e minus the hunter and the Hawkeye)

Thanks for looking

All the best, Jamie

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