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F-14 airframe detail shot here.

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Bay #2.

Panel. The UHF datalink/IFF antenna is attached to this panel.



Also note the two blanks at the top of the panel (one round and one oval) where antennas where removed during upgrades from and A model.100_5310.jpg


Left side of photo faces aft. Notice the antenna connection point and ribbing.


Right side of photo is facing forward. Notice the reenforcement ribbing where one of the old antenna was.100_5336.jpg

Looking down, notice the direction of the C channel ribbing.



Well thats it for tonight. I will post the rest in the morning, I am starting to go cross eyed so I need an adult beverage and put my feet up.

Dave Fassett

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Those open turtleback pictures sure make me cringe!! Just keep in mind that they were without exception much easier to pull off the jet than to get back on! A little advice for when the time comes: on the turtlebacks, gun panels, and any other panel you remove from this bird, make sure you get every fastener threaded in the anchor nuts before you tighten a single one down all the way... Turtleback 1 was my absolute least-favorite captive-fastener panel to remove and (worst of all) reinstall on the Tomcat! Good luck Dave with your project- many would give body parts to be in your shoes... By the time you're done, you too will be able to say you have bled on a Tomcat! :thumbsup:

Edited by Nick Kessel
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Hi Dave,

I'd just like to say a big thankyou for posting those detail images.

I'm embarking on an F14 painting (albeit an "A" ) and your pics have helped me avoid some pitfalls I was about to drop into trying to interpret the usual photos .



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To all you are welcome. As I have said before it is my pleasure to help out other modelers.

Hey Nick,

I hear ya, I learned my lesson long ago with these and any aircraft panels. I don't tighten anything down until every fastener is started. Nothing worst than getting to the last one and finding out you screwed up. Heck some of those panels have any where from 40 - 60 fasteners, thank God for speed wrenches. Oh and I always make sure I have all my tools accounted for too, it sucks to have to remove one panel to get a screw driver or other tool.

Well gentlemen, here are the rest of the photos I promised you.

Bay #2.

Top of photo is facing forward.





Top of next two photos are facing aft. These holes with the nylon rollers are where control rods would run. These rods where removed by the NAVY when they removed the flight control artificial feel unit, they just never put the rods back. The area just below the rollers where all the rigid lines end is where this unit would have been mounted.



Top is facing forward.


Second set of rollers, top is still facing forward.



Looking into bay #1


Dave Fassett

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Starboard side of bay #2

Top of photo is facing starboard. Front section.


Mid section


Rear section.



Middle of bay #2.

Left side of photo is facing forward. Top is facing starboard.







Top is facing aft.


Dave Fassett

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Port side of bay #2.

Right side of picture is facing forward and top is facing port.









Well all that is it for this week. I will try and get the rest of the dorsal area photographed next weekend. I will be taking this back all the way to about the the speed break area. Let me know again if you guys want to see a specific area, I will try and get the shots for you.

Dave Fassett

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  • 7 months later...

Restored! What paint scheme?

We will be painting "Christine" back to her final flight scheme. So really no change in markings. Restoration on her has been slow, we are trying to finish up a TA-4J, A-7B, and F-111 before winter hits and its to cold to paint. I haven't forgotten everyone or this thread, in fact I have some more detail shots on the camera that I need to down load. If time permits next weekend I should be able to get more.

Dave Fassett

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I noticed they changed the crew names on the canopy rails. Do you want the names as they appeared on the cruise?

I have them if you need them.

Hey Brian,

That would be great.

Dave Fassett

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Here ya go:

Left side pilot:

Lt John Jeck


Left side RIO:

Lt Mike Petronis


Right side pilot:

Lt Rob Ceravolo


Right side RIO:

LTjg John Donovan


Left nose gear door:

PC AN Free

Walnut, Illinois

There was no name on the right nose gear door.

ALL Names and callsigns were in capitol letters, and you may have to ask Mike at Fightertown Decals for the fonts used. I'm thinking it was Times New Roman, but don't quote me.

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I have been searching for some good detail of the Tomcat and came across your goldmine. What a great thread. You images are rich with detail. Just what I need. Thank you so much. Can I make a request? Can you get images of the detail under the spoiler panels on the wings I cannot find that anywhere and there are no shots of the spoiler acatuators and their piping. This would be a great help to my building my many large scale Tomcats.

Living in Scotland, i will not get near a Tomcat in the foreseeable future. Certainly not to get a look inside the airframe in such detail.

Keep them coming...please,


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Man, what a flash back. Reminds me of all the gun drops we used to have to do. All the tridair fastners that were in the gun/drum bays, then the forward panels which were all ACR fastners. Hundreds of them. A real treat when they got painted on, and you had to all but melt them to get em' out. lol. Good times, I miss that plane terribly. Don't miss the headaches (especially with the 12 hour gun swaps), but overall a good time, and good plane.

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