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I am planning to make a display base for my airliners. It is going to be a section of the taxi way.

The problems are the lights. I know that the border lights are blue, but wich is the distance between them.

And the guide lights in the middle of the runway, what color are they?? An what about the distance between them??

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Good reference for diorama (Runway dimensions, airfield markings, sighn and other detail)

High resolution Satellite & Aerial view ~5 meter dim. scale

Manchester International Airport

Manchester International Airport - "Bird`s eye view" (Aerial view ~10 m dim. scale))

Bird`s eye view

other Aerial view

Manchester International Airport (High resolution Satellite&Aerial view ~10 m dim. scale)

High resolution Satellite&Aerial view

other Aerial view

Airport Lighting Equipment standart

Various links Runway Lightning Equipment & standart

Runway lightning

I hope this will be useful in your work with a diorama

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Generally lights along the taxiway and runways in the US are space at 200' intervals. I'm pretty sure that this is an ICAO standard. Taxiway markings are yellow and the lines are solid not dashed as on the runway.

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Holding points double dash yellow lines, taxiways centrelines are solid yellow as written above. Some airports have "follow the greens" means during night operations the yellow lines which might not be so visible is substitute for green lights.

Taxiway edge lights are blue,

Holding points are lighted at night, red for stop, green for enter or approve to cross. Those are call stopbar lights.

Runway edge lights are white, Runway end lights are red. If the runway has a turnpad, that could also be lighted green as per "follow the greens"

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