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honestly an awesome build and an even more amazing video. I'd show it to my friends if your youtube username wasn't so awkward.

I had tried to change the user name a year ago and couldn't figure it out. So It's there to stay I guess. I'm glad you liked the the build and video. Thanks for watching.


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I must have watched that video 5 times yesterday. Great job on it and on the B-17. I can't wait to see your next video.

If the next one turns out as I want, you'll watch it 6 times :)


Man you have the patience :woot.gif:

Very nice job. :(

I swear, I don't have patience. It didn't take me too long in my mind, but my wife seems to think it did. I enjoyed it so much, I think time just flew by.

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I'm looking for Enola Gay 1:48 decals for my next video. It's been a dead end search so far. As soon as I get somewhere worth posting, I'll put up some pics.

hopefully you will recordit to "Enola Gay" by OMD...... thats a great little (10 min ish) film..... made me smile

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Thanks Rob,

The parts listen about as well as my kids. Sometimes they do well and other times not so much.

I just had a decal disaster during my current stop motion build and trying to salvage the project. I knew there was a reason I never tried to stop motion the decals.

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