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Aussie F/A-18A hornet decals in 1/48

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Hey all,

I've been out of action for a while now. Too busy with kids!

Anyway, i started a Hasegawa 1/48 RAAF hornet about 4 years ago and wish to complete it. Im outta touch and can't find any decent information online.

Is Hawkeye still trading?

Who else makes RAAF hornet decals and where could i buy 'em online? Im looking for a low vis scheme with grey roundels. Something similar to what was the recent Avalon airshow.

Im in Melbourne BTW.

Thanks in advance!

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Hawkeye is still trading, website is www.hawkeyemodels.com.au Email Clayton for availability.

Afterburner Decals in the US does(did) a RAAF Hornet sheet in 1/48 with some great markings on it.

Aussie Decals also have a Hornet sheet, it is easier to find their sheets in the shopsthan online. You can find Aussie Decal sheets on Ebay under the Novascale brand as well, Have you tried Vic Hobby Centre?


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You're welcome mate. Like anything Afterburner, they're top notch!

You may need to request updated roundels from AB - the ones on the sheet are a little too light. Not sure if this lot will come with the seperate roundels or not

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