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Coloring ground vehicles US NAVY

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Pretty much anything that didn't move (and some things that did) was painted Navy Gray. The color is basically the same as primer gary from a spray can or the likes. Here are some examples.

USN M38 in Vietnam (same color in WWII)


WWII Willys MB


WWII Dodge WC-7


WWII Chevy 1.5 ton 4x4


Some post-WWII vehicles were also painted yellow.



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.......WWII Willys MB


I'm pretty sure that is the Willys CJ2 or CJ2A, a civilian development of the Jeep. It's certainly not an MB, as it has the fuel filler on the side of the body and not under the seat, and the headlights are the large type meaning the grill is also different to the wartime grill.

The Navy operated many Olive Drab vehicles during the war, as that is how they were dilivered from the factory. Repaints may have occured at major vehicle maintenance.

Here's an MB in grey


Showing the MB grill


and a Dodge WC52 Weapons Carrier


and a GMC CCKW352 ( the 353 being the long wheel base version )


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Yup, I just glanced at it. It is a 1950s Willys M38 Military Jeep (the same as the one above in Vietnam), which replaced the MB. It was a miltarized version of the civilian CJ3A.

Above US Navy M38


US Army M38


CJ3A Civilian Jeep


It might be more accurate than shades of gray should I use?

The color is basically flat/matte primer gray.

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