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Would like to trade this for some kits I'm interested in or would sell it outright. Kit is unstarted, unbagged but everything is still there after 20+ years. Would like to start at $70 + shipping and it is boxed and ready to go. MSRP is $107 & Squadron now has it listed for $86 and shipping.

I could also do a trade for a few 1/72 1/48 scale kits I've been looking at.

Things I am interested in are below but hit me up on others you might have.


  1. Italeri B-26K Counter Invader (or a gun nosed A/B-26 Invader)
  2. Fujimi F-4B/C/D/N FG1/FGR2 Phantoms
  3. Hasegawa F-4B/C/D/N Phantoms
  4. Skyraiders (A1-H, A1-J, AD-6 ...Etc), Hasegawa or Fujimi
  5. A-7A/B/C Corsair II
  6. F8F-1 Bearcat
  7. SH-60
  8. UH-1 cobras (W,G,F,T,S)
  9. MH-53 Pave Low
  10. P-3C, Hasegawa/Revell


  1. Hasegawa F-4B/C/D/E/F/J/N/S Phantoms, recessed panel lines are a +
  2. Fw 190, Fw 152, Bf 1o9, Me 262, by Dragon/Tamiya/Hasegawa/ICM/Otaki/DML/Trimaster
    (would take a few Monogram or Fujimi also)
  3. F-106 Monogram
  4. F-4C/D Monogram
  5. Falcon Triple Conversion kit VI - 4591 (need F-106B and F4H parts)
  6. Repli Scale 5015 F-16 Falcon N.J. & Kansas ANG, C.O.'s Aircraft
  7. Aeromaster 48-759. USAF F-106A Before and After "Last of the Hot Rod Interceptors"

1/24-1/25 Cars

  1. MK.II, III, IV GT40s
  2. DeTomaso Panteras
  3. Ford Drag racing cars (Pro Stock/Funny Cars/IMSA/SuperStock)
  4. 1957 Chevy Bel Air Sedan (not the 150)

Send me a PM and let me know what you have to trade! Bagged kits are fine since I'm a builder and not a collector.

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You got a good deal on it!

I'm not looking for the full amount of retail on this thing but I don't wont to give it away. I had another offer that was trade less than your offer so don't feel bad. I posted that I was looking to $75 cash but in a trade that could drop some.

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Carlos: Swaps are nice but we really don't have them that often around me.


:explode:When offering me a trade please don't value your trade at full retail and expect me to drop down to less than half of my sale price. I'm all into getting a deal and I could lean your way a bit but I'm just looking for a fair trade.

3 1/48 Doras would be nice (Tamiya would only be about $60) or a combination of any of the above will work.

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