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Chinese ZBD 04 tank thingy

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after having a lot of fun with my ZTZ 99 build, I decided to do another digital camo scheme. this time i thought I would try to get the colours a little more correct.

first of all this is what i am building.I am using the hobbyboss 1/35 scale kit.


I decided to use the voyager BMP-3 barrel set, and i am glad i did because the kit ones are absolute garbage

much better than the original.



as for the rest of the model, it's OOB. the kit P.E. grills are nice enough to do the job. although I cant figure out why they would use brass for the vision ports on the side of the hull like that




I haven't spent much time detailing the kit because as far as i can tell its fairly accurate. and I really don't care about that anyway, this build is an exercise in painting the camouflage. and for me that's the fun part


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OK then onto the paint:

first step, paint the tan. its a little lighter than it needs to be but when i put the wash on it later it will be a little closer to the right tone.



then the fun part. masking.

i use Tamiya tape on a piece of glass from a picture frame. I slice the tape into little squares and lift them off the glass with the end of the knife.



then I stick them on the tank according to the paint guide. like so


next step, the light green


more pics tomorrow.enjoy


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thanks guys

Here is the tank i built earlier, I thought i posted it here but i cant find it


A small update, I spent about 4 hours yesterday masking the light green




its getting close now

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holy thread resurrection

well I finally pulled this one back out of the box after 11 months.

this is pretty much where i left it, the dark green is sprayed and partially masked. I am going to spend the rest of the afternoon masking, then I can spray the last green





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