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Tamiya HG SF Airbrush Question

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Hey all,

I want a new Airbrush and I have narrowed it down to either the Tamiya SF or the Tamiya HG. Now this is my second airbrush after my Badger 150 (which has given me only 1 acceptable paint job even after having it for 2 years :bandhead2: ). My question is: Do I really need the "0.5mm" paint line capability of the Super Fine airbrush? And can the SF tackle a 1/32 scale model paint job all by itself? Thanks for the help.


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Have a HG, Love my HG, will always use an HG. My first airbrush was one of those $80 generic ones that did the job in cutting my teeth on and then picked up a Tamiya HG after that. The HG has the beautiful chrome body which makes it easy to clean up, parts breakdown is logical and you can fit a cotton bud/Q-tip into it fairly easily.

I got one with the 0.2mm nozzle and she can make some fine lines. Do experiment with mixes and pressures. I use lacquer paints and apart from my own mistakes (two thin paint and to close to model = puddle) the HG loves me long time.

I've build all nations planes and lots of different effects.

That's my rant but hope it's reinforcing. :sunrevolves:

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