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My first multi build

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Hi all my dear friends!

After loooong time I can show my ( little indeed ) progress

A general view


The tails with the missing (!) details and the exhaust filled and sanded.


I modified the belly pylon of the camo plane and scratch the Shafrir rails.



I scratch the IP covers.


But the " big " news for me is that finally the models have some color: I sprayed the pits with Tamiya Nato Black and worked with various shade of grey.



And the result .



The bang seat


That's all!

Next I will glue the windshield, the various aie scoop/vents and start to improve the landing gears; this done I can spray the Alclad grey primer and start the real fun!!!! :yahoo:

Thanks for looking!

:wave: Gianni

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Hi gang,

here another little progress.

I glued the windshields to both models.

First a general view


And a close up of the glued, filled and sanded parts.


I have also added some detail to the landing gears and scratched the load out for the NMF bird.


The Shafrir missiles.


And the Matra 530.



I checked the models an at naked eye they looking ok, so the next step is the Alclad primer, so I cross the fingers... :P

Suggestion and criticism are welcome, thanks for looking.

Gianni :cheers:

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I like it a lot.I would have onlu painted the frame from the inside as I always do.It adds a lot of realism to the finished model.I like the missiles.Where can one find one of theese aml mirages?I have been looking for one of theese for years with no succes.

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Hi all guys,

I finally managed to spray the Alclad grey primer and with my surprise I've fix only very small zone of the NMF bird and this is the result.



As for the Atar-9C's model after the primer I decided to experiment a pre-fading for the successive camo instead of the classic preshadow because the Alclad grey primer is very dark and , probably, the light color of the Israeli plane react better with a light " background ".




As you can see I've also sprayed a light coat of yellow to facilitate the subsequent application of the definitive color of the ID triangles.

I hope to start a soon is possible with the camos but first of all, any tips about the application of the Alclad metals? Is better start with the lighter or darker metal colors ?

Any comment and tips are very appreciated!

:cheers: Gianni.

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Looks great Gianni. :woot.gif:

I must have missed this one.

You have some great looking Shahak's there.

And from what I can see from the pictures this can't have been an easy build.

Take Care



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Hi all my friends.

Some months after my last post I can show my progress:the YKW plane is ready for the future and the decals.



A couple of belly shots



And the job on the ordnance


The NMF bird is another story:on this model I used for the first time the Alclad black primer and microfiller and observing a matt finish I decided to spray the Vallejo clear rattlecan to prepare the model for a highly shiny finiture but...mistake! A too old rattlecan ( probably ) gave me a " fantastic " orange skin effect that the aluminium amplified to excess.Result,I'm still busy to remove this effect with sandpaper, Mr Surfacer and elbow grease;I feel pretty down, sometimes it seems to make no progress, so much that I thought would be best to set aside this build and waiting for a future releas of the Highplanes new series!

Marlin, thanks for your words and sorry for replying so late.

That's all for now , thanks for watching!

:cheers: Gianni

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Hi all friends,

a lot of time passed from my last post but because of my failure to prepare (to which I could not fix) the NMF model, I started to losing interess on this project to the point of hiding from view the wreck in question, but bringing forward the YKW bird.

But not wanting to completely abandon the model (especially considering its price of purchase) and with the help and suggestions of my great friend bad edd I choose of buy an Heller Mirage V to convert in the NMF IIICJ at the same manner of bad edd

and convert the jinxed AML's in a recon Shahak.

An overall view of my multi project.


The No.117 First Jet Squadron Shahak 07 almost finished



The recon plane surely will be Shahak 85 with the colors of 101° Squadron,one subject rather elusive;from the documentation I have gathered from books and internet I drew the following conclusions:

- the plane was one of the first plane converted for the dual role of fighter-recce mission , and in particular adopting the Shfoferet,Tarmil and Universal noses;

- this aircraft probably be attributed five MiG kills although from the photos that I found you can see only four roundel painted below the cockpit (and so I will be representing him)

- the plane was modified with Atar 9C engine, MirageV type ventral fuel tank replacing the original ventral fin,two electrical ducts on both side of the forward lower fuselage,relocation of some probes. In one of the 101 Sq. Israbook pics the plane show also a small bulge ahead of the NLG

- DEFA cannon still carried.

Some time ago bad edd sent me various resin parts including a nice Tarmil nose , so the choice was simple

The pics.




As regards the Heller model does not have much to say except that he will represent Shahak 79 in No. 119 Squadron markings,the panel lines are almost completely rescribed,that I added the Pavla cockpit/NLG set and one of the AML resin exhaust cone plus various resin parts cannibalized from the restored AML ones, added a plasticard fin extension.

An ironic thing is that while I had to extend the AML fuselage of about 3mm, for the Heller I cut 5mm of fuselage... :woot.gif:





In this way I can cover all the three squadron that operated the type.

Honestly,the recent progress on both the recon and the new CJ just have infused new energy to complete this project with renewed determination and enthusiasm.

That's all for now, I hope to post as soon is possible some progress whereas YKW model has all the decals placed and ready for the panel wash and the matt coat.

Welcome and suggestions are always welcome.

:cheers: Gianni

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"A labour of Love, a labour of Love" Gianni.

You've had a rocky road to travel with this, but I think you've reached the crest.

I really love your work Gianni and I hope you'll be able to finish theese soon.

All the best.



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Thanks for your kindness and support my friend...

I've a lot of model to build,and after the Azur Vautour for which I asked your help on the pylon/fuel tanks measures, I bought an Academy F-8 and preordered the new HPM Nesher, but if I continue with this slow production rate I think that probably I'll die before finish them all ! :woot.gif:

A warm hug for you and your child mate! :salute:

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Thanks Polo!

Do not be discouraged by the complexity of the models, maybe your skills will help you move more easily than me!

I've just glued the ventral tank and rescribed the tail cone and nose area and start do work on the gear bays of the NMF bird, I post some pics as soon is possible.

:cheers: Gianni

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Good day all guys,

is time to show my last progress.

First the Heller kit; I've rescribed all the panels and added the AML nose.




And the work on the landing gear. I've also added the AML ventral fin,the various air scoops ( partly scratched and partly AML's spare), the nav lights and other minor details here and there.



Also I've converted the recon bird with the new nose, the cable ducts and the small bulge ( radar altimeter? ).



In order to maximize the differentiation between the models, I scratched a pair of Shafrir 2 and the relative rails for the YKW Shahak.


And that's all; next steps are painting the Heller pit,glueing the windshield and spray the Alclad on both the models, so I keep my fingers crossed ... :rolleyes:

I've still apply the panel wash and add a little more weathering to the First Jet Squadron Shahak, I hope to finish in this week end.

Thanks for looking.

:cheers: Gianni

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  • 3 weeks later...

Good day all guys;

Shahak 07 is finally finished! In reality I finished the model about 9/10 days ago but I can take the pics only this morning and I've still think and made the display base.

More in the Display Case.







I've also airbrushed the Alclad primer on the other two model. The recon one is ok so I can start soon to paint it, the NMf bird show only minor scratch that I provided to brush with some Mr. Surfacer 1000.





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Good day all my friends,some small progress;

I prepared the recon bird for the camo and sprayed the nose of both models.

Note also that this time I decided to paint the white of the Magen David, the roundels, and the rudder so as to prevent the transparency effect of the decals applied to the camo.



In reality, in this very moment,I'm preparing to paint the underbelly. :banana:

Also, I've painted the NMF pit and bang seat.






I hope to finally start to paint my first NMF model! :pray:

And that's all,critique and suggestion are welcome!

:cheers: Gianni

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Good day all my friends, here small progress.

I finished the camo of the recon bird, this time I sprayed the basic color with Humbrol and added the weathering ( the pics in my possesion show a very clean plane) with Gunze. Because I'm afraid that the Future can crack the Gunze,I applied a pair of Tamiya clear layers.

The pics.




I've glued and filled the windshield of the NMF Shahak and I think to be ready for the paint! ( Sorry for the dust...)



Finally,I worked on the external load: the Matra 530 is finished with the decals of those of the Heller Mirage F1 and for the 'winder I opted to scatch the seeker head cover.


I need now your opinion: my idea is to arm the recon plane with two AIM-9D and a belly tank but it look like...mmmmhh..."naked", so is better if I add a Couple of 1300 lt. wing tanks?

Like always thanks for looking, as always critique and suggestion are the welcome, no this time are needed!

:cheers: Gianni

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Really nice birds... tha AML seems to me to be a real fighting man versus plastic... and the heller .... no words. I have many kits from both producer and reading your article i don't dare to begin the work on them... i am affraid of having no patient for these kits during the building and they will land in the litterbin.... :D

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