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Hello again...

I've finished the Sabres and will probably take their photo tomorrow with a proper camera if the sun comes out. Over the past few weeks I started tinkering with my next kits (I didn't start a new thread because I didn't want to clutter up the forums.) For this GB it will be an RCN MacDonnell Banshee.


I've got two of these kits (Actually I used the original box with the plastic from my second kit for this photo.) I'm a big fan of the aircraft and I've built an 1/72 FH Phantom....


Anyway. I started by filling in the nice set from Obscureco. Absolutely gorgeous set... I forgot to take a photo of it but it comes with a cockpit and wheel bay. Did I say it was gorgeous? I added dials and the like from the Mike Grant decal set and hand painted the rest. This is the contents placed inside the aircraft.


I then glued the fuselage halves together and painted the intakes.


Then put it all together and added the cockpit


And finally painted the exhaust with alclad.


And that's where I stand today. I'm going to do a bit more sanding before I start masking an hitting it with some paint.

I do have a favour though. Does anybody have a spare set of Canadian Roundels I can buy? The kit ones look pretty terrible and I'd love to replace them but I don't have anything suitable?

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That's looking great! I'm actually building one of these right now for the Cold-War Jets campaign over at Aeroscale. It's a nice kit overall, but a little lacking in the wheel wells. Wish I'd known about the cockpit set though, that would have been a nice improvement.

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Hi Maws

The Obscureco set also includes a forward wheel bay, which is pretty slick. it doesn't include anything for the rear wheel bays (which is unfortunate) but they are closed almost all of the time so the simplified plate for the hole is not a major issue in my mind.

Please post a link to your build, I'm interested in seeing it.

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Well I finished this kit yesterday... I powered through it and got'erdone.

did some painting and masking...



I glossed it, decaled, then used some Tamiya Smoke to do panel shading. I have to make shout out to Snowbird for passing me some roundels... which I used because the kit ones are pretty terrible. I also used some generic decals from the Wave X-decal set, like the rescue triangle and some stencils.


And here it is:




Anyway.... that's that. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to build another kit for this build, I really would have liked to get one of the Lancasters completed. Still it was fun. Thanks to Charlie and all the others who made this happen.

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