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Dodge Challenger Street Machine

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This GB is like returnig to my modeling roots. Like a lot of modelers I stared building cars and worked into the military stuff. Way back in the early 1960s, I could pick up a model car at the local Five and Dime store with saved up lunch money or allowance. Build, paint and decal all in one weekend. Those were the days. Thought I would give this a go with one of my favorite cars of all time. Loved it when it first came out and love the new one too. I'll go through some of my other car kits and look for different options, rims, tires etc. This should be a fun build. Don M.





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I had a 1970 Challenger R/T 383 4-speed, man I miss that car.

M- move

O- over


A- approaching


First car was a 71 Dodge Demon with 340. Had it 6 months and an engine compartment fire did a little damage so I sold it. That was a STUPID move!

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I love the Mopars! My first car was a Blue (B5) 1974 Dodge Dart Swinger, 2dr with a white vinyl hardtop and a 318. It's got 88k miles on it. I still have it, though it's been parked in a garage for the past 12 years. I do want to restore it, but with two young daughters, finding both the time and funds to work on it is tough, but I'll never give it up. It has been in my family since it was new. My great uncle bought it, my grandfather bought it from him, my dad bought it from my grandfather and I bought it from my parents when I turned 16. Someday I'll get to it and restore it.

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Sorry for the delay guys. My intention was to start right after I my fisrt post but let a bunch of stuff get in the way. I have started some of the sub-assemblies, I will post some pics soon. Don M.

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