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Howdy all, here's my contribution to the GB:


Typical of older Revell car kits, detail isn't SUPER sharp, but it is plenty acceptable. The only downside is that there are NO options provided for ANYTHING. ONE engine, trans, set of wheels etc. Not a HUGE drama, but a bit of a bummer none the less.

Should hopefully make for a nice easy build OOB, ill probably add some wiring and plumbing, 'cause i can.

The kit contents:




OKAY Okay, i might have told a TEENSIE little white lie above about there being no options in the kit. The decal sheet has body stripes in 2 colours. It's a start i suppose......


First step will be to get the body sorted.

thanks for reading,


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Thats very cool :D well worth a build i think :thumbsup:

What about building a model of THAT photo? with figures etc.

Finally getting back to the bench, i've put in some effort on this 'tank'.

The interior is done:




I ran out of black Flocking, so dark blue was the next best thing. It'll match the exterior colour anyway.

Otherwise, interior is Tamiya Rattle-can Semi-gloss black. Chrome trim is Bare Metal Foil. Piping around seats is stretched sprue, super-glued in place.

Im considering making seat belts. We'll see how she progresses.

In the kit (and the real car for that matter) the only option for the tyres are piddly little bicycle tyres. Not my style. I pinched some left over tyres from something else.


Luckily they are just the right diameter for the rims, but obviously now (as the tyres are wider) the rims 'float' around in the tyre.

My solution is to make a spacer from a chunk of spare sprue.


Keeps everything solid now :D

Suspension. Being a child of of Generation Y, a car's not MY car until it's been lowered. Models are no different.

I've been playing around with a few ideas but sofar it's sitting roughly like this


A bit of tweaking to get her level, and all shall be good.

I can post pick of the mods involved if anyone's interested, otherwise i'll move on.

Of, BTW the body IS painted. Primer and 5 coats of colour are on. she's just waiting for a few coats of clear. It's actually quite a dark blue in person, but the metallic and a bit of a pearl make it glow in the flash of my camera!

Thats it for now, back to the bench to keep going :D

Thanks for reading


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Awsome work! Of course I would love to know how you lowered your model. I've been toying around with the idea for a couple of my semi truck models. But I never could figure out how to do it.


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Really nice work on the interior.

You have inspired me to throw my hat in the ring. Off to the hobby shop to find a suitable muscle car to model.

How did you do the pattern on the seats? Decals?


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Thanks Don :D

To my untrained eye (still learning FORDS, i'm a GM man ;)) it IS a Cobra Jet. Ill put some pics up when it's looking a bit more respectable!



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Glad to hear it! Looking forward to your progress :D Got any particular cars in mind?

Which seat pattern do you mean, the Zig-Zags in the centre of the seats or the white stripes around the seat edges?

The Zig-Zags come moulded onto the seats, the satin black paint is throwing a bit of light.

The white stripes (representing the piping found on some seats), is stretched white sprue, glued directly to the seat using super glue. Start at one end, wait for the glue to dry, move along about an inch, put down anuther spot of glue, repeat until the plastic is stuck down :D




For all of about 30 mins work, i think it makes a big improvement to an otherwise bland interior.

Hope this helps,


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Cheers man, thanks for organising the GB!

There are plenty of different ways to lower models. Most of the time I use the laziest of lazy ways, just bend the suspension bits, being carefull not to break them. Ta-daa, instantly lowered!

This time, I've done it 'properly' and mimicked the real thing.


Essentially i made a set of 'Drop Beams'. Here's the original front end.


First, chop off the axles. measure how low you want to go, and cut some plastic card 'spacers' accodingly. Glue back together keeping everything as alligned as possible.



Using some more plastic card, but some small retangular blocks to fit between the rear axle and springs. The number of 'lowering Blocks' fitted here determines how low youll end up.


Initially, i had 3 blocks on each side, but found it to be TOO low, Pulled all apart chopped one block off each side and reassembled. It's all triall and error

All together. All the platic card additions are white.


And on all 4!


I DID have trim the driveshaft and chop a hole in the underbody to allow the Diff to fit. this'll be covered but the interior bucket when finished.



Hope this helps mate, any questions, feel free to ask!


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First up, sorry for the multiple messages. I had all the previous responses in one big message, i was 3/4 of the way through (and i HAD copied what i'd written) when Photobucket decided to crap out. All down the tube, allong with all the text i'd 'Alt C'd ' :bandhead2:

Once bitten, twice shy...

Back to models.

Just fiddly things today, sorting the suspension and decaling the body.

Here's her final ride height.


Much better than the previous pic i think.

Body has been painted. Tamiya white primer, followed by the 5 coats of Tamiys 'Racing Blue' then 6 coats or Tamiya Gloss clear.

Polish with 3M Scratch-X and she's looking shiny :D

I've started with the decals too. Good fun trying to line up the 2 piece side stripes!




She's staring to look half decent!

Thanks for reading,


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Hi Denzel,

I was referring to the pattern on the seats. It really stands out in the photos you took. The piping looks great. I'll have to try that out.

I am thinking of a a 69 Charger. I found the MPC kit of the Dukes of Hazard car, but I would rather build the Revell kit.

Today, I'll be going to another LHS to see if they have the Revell kit.

Stay tuned!


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Thanks Holmes :D I've recently blown the dust off this one, after being bested by the roof stripes. THey'll be painted on and we might yet see this thing finished! FIngers crossed, then I can get back to the GTR ;)


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