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The F-8 Crusader is of monogram, latest I have read this kit is being re-issued later this year. Hopefully with better wings, as I did have big trouble in getting them in good shape. I did draw the panellines and she is nearly done.

Top and underside I did bit by bit. Used for the longer straight lines an ruler or just piece of plastic sheet.



Comments welcome! ;)

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Spectre711 It builds up very nice, I did not engrave the model, but next one i do from monogram. What is the problem you have with your F-8? mine did have terrible state on the wingfolding joint. did have missing parts as well, but the finishline is very near :woot.gif:

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Bit further and closer to the finishline. Did do the decals, and they are very old 30 years or so. Checked the for cracks, and the looked ok to my eyes. So did an large decal first to see what would happen to it. Came of good, and added that with set and sol without an problem. Only thing I noticed is that the decals are like surfboards, and needs good hard presure to get them where I wanted them.


The model being of Monogram and the decals from the old ESCI kit, i did the tail first. Looks ok on the serial, but the rudder is just too short. Only thing I can do to get it look way better is to paint an bit with acrylics black, so am going to use as an test for the first time Revell water based paint number 9.


Added most of the decals without an problem, and hardest was to get the decal on the refueling door. kept it closed during painting and varnish, now added the decal, but was very tricky. I made an copy of the monogram decalsheet I have, but that did not work out on the decals to be used. So onnce the decal was in place, I had to cut with an new knife the decal along the line where the door is opening. Once done, I opened up the door an bit to see if it went as I wanted it to go.


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A little off topic and nerdy, but I was at a Star Trek convention last week and Michael Dorn, the actor who played Worf on the Next Generation, is a jet pilot. He said he just recently sold his F-86 and some other aircraft because he is saving up to purchase an F-8. He also told some funny stories about traffic controllers asking him to speak as Worf as he approached various airports.

I thought this was all pretty cool.

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Hi Guys

It sure got a laugh out of me! But the part that stand out is really the "saving up to buy a f-8" :blink:

The enterprise is cleared to land :)

Best regards


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