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1/32 Tamiya Spit IX Cockpit Upgrade Set, Pt. 2

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Specifically looking for the cockpit upgrade set with the new

decals that go with the starboard cockpit sidewall. Does anyone

know if/when this will be available?

Since the blog on Roy's site says May 4, I would imagine that the

new stuff might be available soon, but I have no way of knowing.

Thanks for any help...


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Vince, Smithery,

Thanks for replying, guys, but you misunderstood my post.

Go to this link: http://barracudacals.blogspot.com/

and scroll down to the May 4, 2011 entry by Roy. I am

looking for the upgrade decal set for the cockpit that

includes the placards for the sidewall (which I already have).

I do not have the placards for the sidewall at this time as

they are being printed with the decals for the cockpit update

set. Clear as mud? If you read the post, I think you'll

understand what I'm after...btw, I already have the cockpit

update set, but the old one doesn't include decals for the


Best regards,


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I know what you are talking about Jim,

I know Roy is out of stock on them as I emailed him asking. I hunted around the net trying to finds some too. I know that I got the last one from Hannants and just missed out on the last couple from Ultracast... But it seem everyone is out of stock.

Maybe drop Roy an Email and see if he can update you on a restock timeline...

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