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Side On SB2C Helldiver drawing

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All, am doing some research ahead of my Helldiver build later this year and the only image I cant find (apart form one with the engine being worked on - is it cowl off or a hatch?) is a side on cutaway technical drawing - am trying to get something that shows just the layout of the full length cockpit and bombbay from the side (it seems from various builds i have seen - especially Chuckws) that the middle floor slopes slightly and is also the roof of the bomb bay, but would love a drawing that shows it all....

anyone got one, or know where there is one (all the google seaches in the world (plus various books) show are the plan view drawings (ie no cutaway)

thanks in advance

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next question... does anyone know if, with the wings folded, could the diver brakes be deployed? they are split across the wingfold but cant work out if that means they could be deployed with wings folded, and if so were both parts deployed or just the inboard part... if you know/have photo evidence (cant find any in the refs i have => they couldnt be) it would be much appreciated

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