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Badly need good quality pitot tube pics for "Century Series" f

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I badly need pictures ( good quality /high resolution , with dimensions if available ) for pitot tubes for "Century Series" fighters: F-100, F-101 , F-102 , F-104 , F-105 , F-106. I want to interest MASTER - company worldwide known for turned brass hi-quality cannon barrels - to made this items for us - modellers... If You need some pitots for Your "Century Series Project" - please vote as well here: MASTER Facebook profile

Anyone can help?

Best - Bodo

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The wife and kids are gone visiting her mother, so....

Yes! Checking my schedule, I am available this weekend! I can get the F-100, F-101, F-104, and F-105 for sure as they have those aircraft on display at Dyess. The closest F-106 I know of is on a pole at Kelly (I was just there!), and you really can't get any good measurements of the pitot tube. It's about 30 feet in the air! Maybe someone else can help with the F-102, and F-106.


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