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Hi all,

I finally have got around to taking a couple of pictures of the kits I picked up for the GB. When I went to the LHS to find the 69 Charger I also spotted the 68 on the shelf. Hey, why not build them at the same time.

With different engine options, one car with vinyl roof, and choice of tires and wheels I have not quite decided how these will go together.


I order the model car garage detail set for the 69 along with flocking and wiring for the power plant.

Off to get this build started.


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I thought I would post a couple of update photos.

The 69 Charger is the first on the bench. Mostly OOB but I have raided the parts box for the wheels and tires. I still have some work to make them fit this car a little better.

The engine has been started and painted. I had ordered a detail set from MCG but with the mail strike here in Canada who knows when I'll get it. I decided to go ahead and start detailing the engine today with wiring and plumbing.



Back to the bench.


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Well it has been a long time since I have posted an update. Seems like it has been a long time since anyone has posted anything.

I have been working on the 69 Charger over the past couple of weeks. It has been in the paint booth where I laid down 7 coats of Tamiya yellow, sanding in between the 3rd and 4rth coat. I am fairly happy with the out come but I may polish the paint out yet.

After the paint cured for 2 weeks I masked it off the body and painted the vinyl roof satin black using a Krylon spray bomb.

Wheels and disc brakes were stolen from a 57 Chevy kit using the custom parts. The engine and interior are now ready to be detailed.

This has been a fun kit to build and I cannot wait to sink my teeth into the 68.

Here are a few shots of my progress:




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