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Welcome to the UAV Group Build

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The UAV GB starts July 1st 2011 and ends December 31st 2011.

This build covers all aircraft and weapons that are unmanned. They can be remotely controlled, fly a pre-programmed course, use internal mapping etc...In addition to traditional UAV's like the Predator drone, this build will include weapons such as the V-1 buzz bomb, Mistels, other cruise missiles and special aircraft like target drones and ones from Operation Aphrodite. Intercontinental ballistic and other guided missiles are not part of the build.

Models must be less than 25% of progress on July 1st. I am working on sponsors for a raffle and completed models for this build will be eligible for a raffle.

Caracal decals and Lucky models are the sponsors of this build and moderators are myself (Drhorni) and Kursada.

Banners can be found the GB banner section.

Enjoy the build!

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