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UAV completed builds

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A pair of scratchbuilt Northop BQM-74E aerial targets and ADU-482 launch adapters.





Thanks for looking. Stop by my TA-4J build in the Navy Centennial GB to see them on a launch aircraft.


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Okie dokie.....all done, a nice little project and a neat subject. As others have said - Just getting the balance right on the spindely tripod legs was tricky.

Distance shot, to give prespective


Starboard Profile


and a mirror of my 'insparation' shot


-Great kit of a 'Bin laden finder/seeker'

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:banana: ixgr1, phantom, phil et al,

Gentlemen, EXCEPTIONALLY built models from ALL of you.

Very NICE, SUPERB and STUNNING and well built...The finishes on ALL them is VERY NEAT and FLAWLESS ..AWESOME work Guys !

BRAVO to you all. :worship::worship::worship:

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