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Wrapping up another Stryker build. This time it is engineering squad vehicle with light weight mine rollers from Trumpeter. Oddly enough Trumpy managed to get basic geometry of the hull right or so the Stryker gurus claim but screwed up every other bit. Most parts are either undersized or have linear stuff right but angles off making the whole thing look like it's stuck between 1/48 and 1/35 scales. I Corrected weapons stations with AFV Club one, RHINO jammer from Voyager, straps and applique armor bolts form Voyager as well, antenna bases came from spare sprue, leftover from AFV Club M1128 MGS kit. A few other bits were scratch built. Painting was done in a usual fashion with Mr Color Green (303) at the base and subsequent layers of oil wash and Tamiya acrylics added. This time I used CMK's Sandy Dust pigment to simulate dried dirt and mud.

Now if I can only get M1129 RV, JS-2 and T-80A out of the way by the summer's end, I will be armor free :woot.gif:








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Looks awesome.

I'm going to school next spring for the M1135 Stryker NBCRV so I grabbed the Trumpy kit to build one as well, my first armor kit. Only planning light weathering but if I can get my to look half as good as yours I'll be happy.

Again, nice build!


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