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This is a call to all partners of a modeler. After I (the wife of a serious modeler) couldn't find my PAM spray in the kitchen and was forced to search earnestly. I discovered "her" amongst my beloved husband's modeling supplies. A openness to group therapy and significant inner searching is required for all who respond. And, well- perhaps a willingness to start a 5-K run to raise awareness. :)

-Mrs. archybean

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Regularly, My wife and children snitch my stuff I use for modeling. I have been looking over a year now for my favorite "expensive" seam scraper, that, I am guessing the bird used, no one knows anything about it. Sucks sometimes that I am the only one who has a specific place for their things. I guess that is where the problem lies on both sides of the fence.

I looked to see what is missing now and found somethings in the kitchen and dining area.

1. Cotton swabs "not the same brand they use"

2. Cotton balls "not the same brand they use"

3. "Empty" denatured alcohol bottle

4. "Empty" airbrush thinner

5. Acetone "almost empty was new, now 1/2inch left in bottle"

6. Windex "orig kind, she uses scented"

7. Elmers white Glue

8. Super glue

9. Tweezers set "luckily undamaged"

10. Jeweler screwdriver set

11. Bowl/plate used for decals

12. Small led flashlight.

13. Magnify glass

14. "Not cheap" static brush

16. Food coloring

17. Light bulb for reading lamp "MIA"

I looked at the shopping list, none of these things were on there, now they are :whistle:

Funny thing is, all this stuff was down stairs a week ago last Sunday.

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In my defense...I wasn't using the contents of Pam. I was using the can as a form to roll metal around. Pam was the perfect size in my hands! (my wife is dying of laughter next to me as I type this. I sure love her.) But...the metal didn't behave like I wanted it to, so I used .010 Evergreen instead.

She hopes you all got a good laugh from her post.

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Pam was the perfect size in my hands,too...then Jenny found out and it was 'fight's on'!!!!

Seannnnnn...how dare you!!! :rofl: :rofl: . Around here scissors, files, Superglue, side cutters, masking tape, even my circle templates...all wind up some place other than my mini storage bins.

G'day Mrs Archybean...it's good to see a SWMBO make an appearance..it's a change from the usual. Do come back more often :thumbsup: .

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My wife has some the coolest tools she uses for her decorating biz. They very often find their way to the work desk where they hide for days and weeks refusing to be found by her searching eyes.

Well, thank goodness it's not YOUR wife standing beside you...b/c now the cat's out of the bag.

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