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1/48 Hasegawa QF-4S. Using plastic bits right now to represent the Q version. Lots of reference books and once its done it will be in (pilotless) flight.

Which of course means next to nothing will be visable once its closed up.


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As figured, can't see a bloody thing. Wind screens are not even on yet. Added the computer screen to the front pit. Like the look but I could not get a good focus with the camera. Think my eye sight is going.


Now I have to work till the weekend so its going to sit till then.

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Drilled out a bunch of holes in the rear instrament panel. To match the missing ones in the reference books. Took off the old control box and rebuilt an empty hole with plastic stock. Once the canopy is on I'll guess you won't see any of it.


Noticed I have 3 F-4S kits but only one photo etch with the support straps. So seeing as this one will be built in a way you should hardly ever see the bottom this one gets card cut out copies of the photo etch.

Once the paint is on I think this should do the trick.


As this one will be "in-pilotless-flight" I closed the landing gear doors.

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