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1/48 Monogram F-105D - Polish Glider

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Finished her up on Friday....Had fun painting this one, but the pictures don't do the pre and post shading that much justice.

The kit went together really well, and to my own surprise, I completely got rid of the seams running down the entire fuselage. It was a very nice fit. I messed up the engine airbrakes at the end. I had painted them with Alclad II Stainless Steel, but once the flat coat hit them the effect was gone...lesson learned. I also had a REAL terrible time with the yellow stripes on the centreline bombs. The wheel struts are really flimsy but there isn't much to do about that. I really love the look of the Thud and I can't wait to make another one...though probably not for another two years with what I've got in waiting.







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I received a PM about the panel fading....wink wink.

I used all Testors MM paints, FS standards for an SEA scheme. First I primed the model with Tamiya extra fine primer. Then I pre-shaded the panel lines in black. Next, I did the bottom Camouflage gray. Once dry, I used blu-tac to mark off the bottom from the top side along the body. I then free hand airbrushed the top three camoflage colours. Once dry, I reloaded all three colours (one at a time obviously) and dropped various amounts of white to each and sprayed the inner parts of the panels the lighter colour, leaving the panel lines themselves with the original colour untouched (so panels look faded, panel lines look darker). Some panels I added more white than not (see back end starboard side as an example of "more white", picture #4 from top). I really find this part of the painting the most fun as it really brings the airplane to life. Once dry (over two weeks, I went of Vacation), I sprayed many layers of future (4-5), decals, two more layers of future, then did a panel wash with thinned flat black Testors MM (I tried burned umber but it failed in it's look, so I redid it with black). After that, a couple of layers of Testors MM flat coat (I had a can leftover, I prefer Tamiya flat), and voila...done.

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Oh for...!! That's a BEAUTY! I love Monogram plastic, & put together the rather fine 105G (which I backdated to an F) a while back:


But not in the same league for sheer quality of construction. Many thanks for showing this gem.

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Nice work on a great kit. Some would argue against that, but i've built Monogram's F-105 a few times. I've had some kits that fit very, very well. And I've had kits that made me think the nose cone and fuselage halves were two different scales (there was that much of a gap). Great job on a fun kit. I should pick up another copy and have a go with it again.


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