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Do 217

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I have a bunch of the ProModeler/Revell Do217s. I got the first one and it looked great in the box .... so I bought more without building the first. Well, I am starting the first right now to work the kinks out (I have ordered a couple of Mike West's/Lonestar Models nightfighter conversions) and have run into a few stumbling blocks:

- The kit has no seat belts (I know most models don't, but ....) and I have found almost zero references regarding the R/O - turret gunner's belts. The closest I have found is the hint of some shoulder harnesses in ONE picture. But even that one does not have enough view to put to rest the presence of a lap belt.

- I have mated the fuselage's halves, but now I have to deal with the panel lines that MAY or MAY NOT run along the join lines. And to top it off, the line drawings that I have found on the web do not coinside with what is on the kit ..... especially near the tail on the top and sides.

- The front of the fuselage doesn't seem to join up easily. The small connection, just to the front of the cockpit is weak, to say the least. And it does not join flush - the front connects, but the rear is still spread apart.

Has anyone run into these issues or have suggestions, solutions?

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