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Polar Lights Batmobile

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Hi all

I'm normally an aircraft builder, but I've always admired you car guys when I see the flawless finishes you guys accomplish when I see them at shows.

Anyway, I just picked up PL's Batmobile, and want to give it a shot. I also picked up Tamiya's Enzo, but that's for later. I have everything assembled and painted except for the main body. Getting a good, clean join of the front grill/fender piece to the main body was a bear! Lots of filling and sanding. Anyway, now it's time for the real challenge.

My question is what would be the best approach as far as the Red pin-stripes go? My first thought would be reverse masking. Spraying the Red, masking, and then the Black. I've also seen the pin-stripe tape at my LHS and thought that might be an option. I've never worked with the stuff, is it any good? Then theres the option of painting the Black and then masking and applying the Red. This seems like a bad idea because of the old rule of applying the darker color last.

Anyway, any advice is much appreciated, and I'm excited about getting into the world of car modeling.

Happy modeling!

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Which kit are you building? The old repop of the 1/32 Aurora kit? If so look in the kit the stripes are decals now.

If it's the 1/25th snap kit the stripes are already painted

Haven't seen the 1/25th glue kit yet.

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ChippyWho- Thanks. That looks like great stuff and I'm going to order a few sizes and try it out. I normally use Scotch/3M Plastic Tape which works really well too.

majortomsky-I have the new 1/25 PL glue kit. The stripes are provided as decals, and I used them on my first attempt at the kit. They are very brittle and, in general, the fit is poor. There are a few that fit well, and on the first build I applied them as well as I could then touched up with some paint that I had matched to the color. They responded well to Micro-Sol and Solvaset too.

Thanks for the input, guys.

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I'd do a white primer first, as the red will be more prominent with a white underbase. This is what was done on the 'real" car for the TV show, in fact, some of the really early promo pics in black and white were of the car before the red was applied, and boy, do the stripes stand out there!

Holy thin masking tape, Batman!

Alvis 3.1

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How is the PL Batmobile kit, I was sorta interested in it as I love the old Batmobile.

The new tool 1/25 kit is amazing, it is new tooling and includes a full engine under the hood and bat computer and other gadjets in the trunk. I normally model aircraft but this is one for me, it is selling out and in high demand in all the hobbyshops I deal with in my city.

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Pinstripe tape has a bit too much adhesive for my tastes. I have had VERY good luck with Aizu brand masking tape, which is Tamiya style yellow paper kabuki tape, but cut MUCH thinner. They make five widths of the stuff now going from .4 mms up to 2.5 mms. Hobbylink Japan has it and so does Starshipmodeler.com (do a search for it in their shop as they don't list Aizu in their manufacturer lists). Except for the thin nature of this tape, it behaves EXACTLY like Tamiya tape in all its other characteristics. So it should achieve a nice clean mask line. Getting the skinny stuff on straight might be a chore. But if you put a piece of wider guide tape down first, then apply the Aizu tape and then pull the guide tape off, you should have some nice straight lines.

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