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Alcad Black Gloss Base Coat

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Lots of input here on a subject that never seems to go away. Using Alclad II really is a combination of art and science. The science part is the primer...first, ALWAYS use a primer for this product, even tho' some folks say its not needed. Since Alclad II is a lacquer, the ideal primer is lacquer. For the shiny Alclad finishes I suggest using Model Master gloss black lacquer offerd in their line aimed at the plastic car market. Now the art part....thin this paint with lacquer thinner to about a 70% thinner to 30% paint ratio and do not spray heavy coats....fewer light coats is best.

Practice on blank styrene sheet before applying to your model.


FWIW, Alclad recommends that the paint not be thinned. I never have, and the results were always satisfactory as long as I did my prep correctly.



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Okay, near the begining of this thread I saw a couple questions about Talon paints.

I've used them back to back against ALCLAD and the answer to the question of "are they that good" is...sort of. They require several light applications because they go on spotty as if the model has mold release compound on it. They are also very fragile and masking with damp newspaper is best. However, the results are just as good as ALCLAD and if Talon polishing powders are used they shine up great and using the differeent pigments you can get some cool results.

As for finding them, just go to Hawkeye Hobbies web site and order them! The cost + shipping is cheap. Hawkeye also carries SNJ enamels.


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