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F-14A Tomcat - Hobbyboss 1/48

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Hello friends,

this is my last finished, an F-14A Tomcat of Hobbyboss with excellent and accurate FCM decals printed by the microscale. Whole kit OOB with the exception of the already wounded decals.

9.0 to note that the kit-piece in the difficulty of assembling the engines section of ...












hugs and hope you enjoy

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I have to agree about the HB kit--it looks nicer than the Academy, and maybe even nicer than the R/M, but I'll still take Hasegawa every day of the week.

That said, this one turned out great. Awesome choice of markings, and I really like the weathering. Nice and dirty! :thumbsup:

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Well Done!! Great Markings and weathering.

I like the HB Kit as well. Definitely goes together better than the HAS. Now if HAS was to re-tool.. May be a different story. Their molds are getting a little long in the tooth. All I can say is try it before U knock it...


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Hello friends,

Thanks for all your kind words,

I have both HB and HAS kits on my stash, and i post a little comparisson between two Cats here: http://kitmaniac.com/site/?p=120

Im my opinion the P.E. landing gear and interior parts of the HB kit are better than Has kit, but the engine build on HB is impossible, the pieces not fit...

on the final, i give 9,0 in 1-10 scale of points. I just waiting for my HB F-14B arrives from Hobbyeasy to start my SANTACAT


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thats right Friend,

and FCM released Sheets for Mirage 2000 and Trackers, both for KINETIC Models...

see here the reviews:

mirage 2000: http://kitmaniac.com/site/?p=651

Tracker: http://kitmaniac.com/site/?p=712

the microscale prints became the FCM decals still better


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