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LF ideas to represent foliage in 1/72

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Does anyone have any suggestions as to what one could use to represent foliage on 1/72 WW.2 German armour? I haven't been able to find anything that looks 'right'. I have managed to find several pics on the net though of other modeller's work, but they do not mention what they used. So I know there is something out there. Thanks!

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You can try finding some natural foliage from bushes or small plants around your house that look the part in that scale. The other option you can try is taking some flexible wire, maybe something florist use and shape to look like branches. Then apply glue to it and sprinkle either leafy spices like oregano or Woodland Scenic foliage material on it.


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Any of the foliage products from Woodland Scenics will work for you. There is a large range and you can pick and chose what looks in scale or not.

I make all my trees from twigs, and use Woodland Scenics foliage to represent the canopies.

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