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Russian/Chinese modelers

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I just ran across a review of the Sukhoi Superjet on a Russian modeling website and it made me think for a moment about what Russian/Chinese (former cold war adversaries with still potentially belligerent client states)modelers build. Of course they build Russian/Chinese stuff, but can a person walk into a hobby shop in Moscow or Bejing and find a Pukin' Dogs SuperHornet or a Jolly Rogers Tomcat? Would we find the standard US LHS Model Master paint rack, along with Alclad, Tamiya, and Humbrol? Are there Russian hobby paints? As well as their own jets, do they think western subjects are as cool as we think they are? Do they do build American aircraft carrier models, ships, and subs? In my stash, alongside all of my USN/USAF stuff I have at two Mig-29's, three Flankers, a TU-15, a Mig-25, a JU-10, Ju-20, Mig-15, three Mig-21s. Plus I have a bunch of Russian subs. I also have every important NATO type as well(Viggen, Typhoon, Rafale, Mirages, Gripen, etc.).

All of these kits I think are wonderful and add to the enriching diversity of our hobby. However, I know once in awhile someone will see a Russian fighter model in my display case and look at me funny, like I am a closet communist! That look goes away when they learn I spent 20 years flying in the US Navy.

I know we have some bilingual Russian modelers on the board here, and I know there are also some folks who have spent time over there and have business/personal contacts. So feel free to chime in.

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There are lots of model shops in Moscow..... http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/moscow%20model%20shops.html

They are well stocked - with any of the models you can get in the west - plus stuff of Russian origin.

The modelling scene is very active - check out M-Hobby magazine :- http://www.aviapress.com/viewproducer.htm?MHB'>http://www.aviapress.com/viewproducer.htm?MHB

...plus on-line sites like Scalemodels.ru :- http://scalemodels.ru/

Russian hobby paint?? - check out the AKAN range - stocked by Linden Hill :- http://www.lindenhillimports.com/akan.htm

On line shops like Aviapress show the range of stuff availble:- http://www.aviapress.com/

I have always found Russian modellers to be much better than us guys in the west - for the simple reason that for years in Soviet times, they had to 'make do' with very little resources like paints, decals etc

As a result, their models were superbly detailed and finished using whatever they could find.

I visited one model shop (Club-TM) and saw a guy doing a master class making a German tank - he was airbrushing it with a Badger airbrush and Japanese paints.

It surprised me (I don't know why?) - but German Wehrmacht and Lufwaffe subjects are very popular over there - just like in the west!!

In short - they are no different to you or I..... :thumbsup:

If only all the world could settle their differences ........ and make models !! :pray:


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I was in a Russian hobby shop in the summer of 1993 and couldn't find a single thing US. Mostly 1/72 Russian aircraft of which I bought an already built and painted 1/72 fishbed.......I'm sure now it's a whole different story.

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You know, Cold war times left even the Russia - we use same trademark of wear and shoes as many of yours, we drive same cars as many of yours, we see same Hollywood movies, but translated in Russian.

I'm know many Russian modelers, not only in Internet, in my town we have off-line modeler club. 15-20 years ago there were mostly USSR-made tanks and aircrafts, but now even in small LHS available models of main western producers - Hasegava, Revell, Airfix, Italeri - so peoples can choose any subject of model hobby. Sometimes i'm help to my Rostov colleague buy some items in different E-shops, not all of they (colleague) have enough English knowledge, not all have PayPal accounts - but they want built not only eastern subject models.

In my town you can bought Tamiya, Model Master, Gunze paints, OLFA or Dremel tools, in many Russian E-shops you can buy Badger or Aztec airbrush, not only Paashe and JAS airbrushes.

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As for paints and supplies, in my local model shops you'll find Gunze (only the laquer acrylics), Tamiya (acrylics & enamels) and Lifecolor. Tamiya tools and equipment are much easier to come by in China than in the UK.

On the shelves, when it comes to aircraft the range of subjects is the same as the UK, although Japanese WWII is probably more popular. Tamiya, Hasegawa, Academy, Revell, Eduard, MPM brands and Italeri outnumber Trumpeter and Hobby Boss kits by a considerable margin.

Jon in Zhengzhou

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I'm sure most markets are the same. The largest slice of the pie belongs to domestic subjects, but there's still healthy interest in international birds. Airfix makes a lot of British planes, Heller makes Mirages and Etendards, Hasegawa and Tamiya make a lot of Japanese birds other companies aren't interested in, and Revell of Germany replaces the U.S. markings with Luftwaffe ones in a lot of the kits of planes flown by both countries. They all make international subjects to go along with the domestics, though, and plenty of modelers buy them and build them.

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