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Blohm & Voss 194, Revell 1/72

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This is one odd looking aircraft.... but I gotta hand it to you Michael, you have done some outstanding work here :worship: The digi-cam and the weathering are fantastic and so is the rest of your build. Thanks for sharing :thumbsup:


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Hello Gianni from the eternal city and thank you! :cheers:

I have since found even finer mesh. I use a water jug filter to filter my drinking water and inside the filter cartridge there is a very fine mesh holding the small carbon balls. You have to cut the cartridge open to get at the mesh but it's worth it because it's even finer than the tea bag's. ;)



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I just finished the display base. I used a picture frame and for the planks of the hardstand I used this:


After cutting the pieces of wood to size and gluing them to the base with white glue I added the dirt, which is made of a mix of equal parts of plaster, white glue and fine sand. I also added acrylic raw umber paint to dye it in the mass.


I used oil filters on the planks: burnt umber, gray (black + white), payne's gray.

After a light sanding, more filters to tone it down to the desired level.

The ground was painted with acrylic burnt umber followed by a wash of raw umber darkened with black. A little dry-brush and then gluing of the flocage: Yellow Grass and Burnt Grass from Noch.

I used Gunze matt clear to erase the shiny spots left by the white glue. The Mig pigments (Dry Mud) and that's it!

Oh yeah, I also made oil stains with thinned black oil paint applied by rubbing the brush over a toothpick to 'splatter' the paint over the surface.


As a last step I made wheel chocks from the same coffee stirrers and painted and weathered them the same way as the hardstand.



The rest in pictures.




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