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1968 Mustang from Revell.

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Going to try and do one more build, a 1968 Mustang fastback. This will be another Pro street build, will do a backhalf conversion with relocated leaf springs. Engine choice will probably be the kit Cobra Jet option, wheels will be resin wheels from Perrys resin.



Repair = FORD


Sorry, couldn't resist

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I'll have you know, Sir, that I replaced an Audi A6 (2 yrs old, kept having to be stretchered off the pitch, main dealers baffled, usual story, etc.) with an ageing Mondeo -or 'Mon Dieu!' until I could find something I could live with. That was in 2005; the Ford never missed a beat in this time & ran on pocket money until someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse this year. Still miss it. I guess there's always one, isn't there!

Now, about that Mustang...not a P-51, then? :russian-roulette-smiley:

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Been able to do some work on the mustang. Finished up the rear conversion, and have a coat of flat black primer over the parts. Instead of a four link, i went with a relocated leaf spring setup. Interior will be getting minimal work. I have to say, the quality of the kit is not as good as the Dart i just finished, the Mustang has very simple detail especially the engine. I may build this as a curbside build.



This pic shows the approximate stance i'm going for, the wheels are resin parts from Perry's Resin


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I've been a huge Mustang fan and owner most of my life and always cringed when people butcher them to make race cars. Even when its in plastic. :chain-gun:

All kidding aside this one is looking great. I look forward to seeing more of it. Thanks for sharing. ;)

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Times running out on me for this build, have finished the basic chassis and interior. I'll have to really push it if i want to finish before the deadline. Weather has been cold/cloudy today so i did manage to get some work done. Will post pics tonite or tomorrow.


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