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MQ-9 Reaper WIP

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Finally posting pictures....

I added a spare poly-insert from my kit spares so I can add the prop later.


There is a hinge/panel lines at the seam and when I glued it, it was not that crisp of a line. I filled the seam then re-scribed a cleaner line.


Wingtip light mod, I drilled a small hole in the clear part and filled the hole with Tamiya clear red & green.


The real wingtip, the colored part is just a small portion.


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Stupid me...I did not read the decal instructions and did not plug the FLIR turret. After putting on the decals, i had to go back and fill the hole. Decals on one side of the dome came off which is why I am searching for a replacement set.


Instructions call for the removal of the upper SATCOM dome which is correct for the decals era however the dome was added to IKHANA later on so I will be putting that on. Correct or not, I do not want to fill any more holes....

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All done, check out the "finished builds" section for more.

Note, add nose weight (at least 1/4 oz) and this build took more weight since it does not have the turret. I added about another 1/8 oz for a total of 3/8 oz.


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