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Got a F-15C panel numbers question...

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For the Eagle experts out there. Are the panels on the F-15C numbered sometimes, few, or never? I'm looking at the Hobby Decal panel numbers sheet and there's about two or three hundred stencils. Need to know if the panel numbers area 70's and early 80's thing mostly with the F-15A model or was it continued to the 90's. Just want to make it as realistic as possible, and I'd rather not put on three hundred decals.


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Most, if not all jets came from the factory loaded in stencils. Once they hit the first repaint it is really up to the paint barn and each bases particular guidelines what made it back on. All of the pertinant warning stencils usually remain but 90% of panel numbers get the axe.



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Its been over thirty years but I rmember my A model (76-0057)having the numbers stenciled on all major panels, even the strut placards and door placards were still there or re-stenciled on after a full or touch up paint.

My brand spanking new "C" model I got in 82 when i was in the 27th FS had 19 hours on her and still had the numbers on her (82-0019). Part of the aceptance with the Gen. Creech regime was to paint out the numbers, wouldn't want those Russians (no offense is meant just the feeling at the time) to know what is under what panel number (we even painted the grass green and the rocks brown with Creech in power, thus the term Creech Brown). The placards were removed all over the aircraft due to the fact maintenance was using them for accurate ways to service the aircraft instead of pulling out the TecH Data. The only thing that remained was the no steps and major hazard area warnings, no more numbers. New jets had "Quality Stickers on all the panels as well, just a round sticker to show that the panel was not removed while waiting to come to the receiving Wing/ Squadron.

About the mid 80's under new contract with Mickey D's we no longer had jets delivered with numbers and quality stickers installed.



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