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32nd B-25 & P-61

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Has anyone heard anything about the 32nd B-25 or P-61? I saw where Gordon wisely cancelled the pre-orders, but thats' the latest I've heard. Really am looking forward to these two subjects in this scale.

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I haven't heard anything yet either. But it seems to me that the more something is hyped up and anticipated, the longer it takes to actually come out. If I had to make a bet, I'd say that we're not going to see either of these kits for at least a couple of years. That's not based on anything mathematical. It's just my gut feeling.


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Martin, the man behind the development of the B-25G & J's we all really wanted, was shafted by his Chinese partners. They informed him that a new partner had been brought in and his services were no longer needed or wanted. Since then I have seen where these dispicable people have tried to find some one to go to production with, but haven't heard anything else.

I cancelled my pre-orders as I do not intend to reward bad behavior, even though Martin stated publicly that we should buy the kits as they will be exceptional, so it is anyone's call.

Martin has regenerated his company under a new name and is planning to produce early B-25 versions, including those used by the Doolittle Raiders. He also has plans for B-26, A-20, A-26 and P-61.

The Large Scale Planes web site has more of the gory details about the fiasco with the Chinese and Martin's renewal and re-birth if you care to indulge in the agony of lost B-25J's. :angry:

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Thanks Eric....kinda had the same feeling.

Hey Jim!.....cancelled my pre-order as well....now just keeping fingers crossed for a strafer B-25 & a P-61.....who knows?...stranger things have happened....

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Hey Jim, thought you'd like to see this:

WINGXL will proceed with the following kits in 1/32 scale:

• North American B-25 C/D Mitchell

• Douglas A-26 Invader

• Douglas A-20 Havoc

• Martin B-26 Marauder

• Northrop P-61 Black Widow

• Lockheed Hudson

• Bristol Beaufighter

• De Havilland Mosquito

Anything after the B-25C/D has an uncertain release date; The Mosquito could precede the A-20. But at least the early B-25's will include the D version which was modified into gunship configurations by the 345th Bombardment Group (aka Warpath Across The Pacific guys)so that is a bit of good news. Of course a 1/32nd scale B-25 will require a new room for display; or a remodelled two car garage! :woot.gif:

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