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Miramar Air Show 2011

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I went to the 2011 Miramar Air Show on October first, and even though the viewing area ends up having the sun backlight all the flights, it was still a very good show, and I couldn't help myself but take a lot of photos.

First, a few statics. The first bunch are from (non-functioning) displays of the Flying Leathernecks Museum that they brought to the flightline for display











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Thanx Ken, some very classy and useful shots especially of the vintage birds, the Harrier and Scooter are really gonna help. My last trip to Miramar was bittersweet, the show was great, but the heat was not very friendly, the first aid stations were full of folks needing H2O, shade and a breeze.

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Very cool catch on the tigerstriped 53. I didn't even notice that. :doh: Now I need to get a walkaround of that one, anybody get good pics of the other side? I have some from the side of the ramp when they weren't flying but it's heavily backlit.

So I am guessing that it was a Flying Tigers bird, right?


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Wow Ken, some really, really cool photos there.

But they went a bit heavy on the panel-lining and weathering in on some of those earlier birds. I can even see sink-marks on the leading edge of a wing! The IPMS would not approve!

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