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Astronaut Al Worden

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Last night my wife, stepson and I went to the Cosmosphere for a members event to hear Al Worden and co-author Francis French speak about his book, "Falling to Earth" It was a fascinating read and I recommend it to anyone interested in Apollo missions. Al was extremely down to earth guy, and had a great time at the museum. Neither he or Francis had been there and they were blown away at the collection and how the space race story is presented. I was a bit disappointed at the turn out though, wasn't nearly the crowd I expected to hear an astronaut that has been to the moon speak. After about an hour discussion with the Cosmosphere president, both Al and Francis autographed copies of their book. Al was gracious enough to autograph the National Geographic issue that covered the Apollo 15 mission. I got the page that showed a painting of his deep space EVA autographed. He was also excited about seeing someone as young as my stepson (he's 5) there. I was blown away at this part, Al autographed a mission patch for him and took his picture with him. He's so excited to take those to school for show and tell! (We are going to give them to his teacher to hold onto for the day, as that is not exactly something a 5 year old could keep track of!). We're going to get them framed for him as well.

Here are a couple pictures:

Francis, Al, Chris Orwoll (Cosmosphere president):


Jayden, Al:


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Posts like this with no doubts bring positiveness to everyday life.

Very nice photos. Maybe your stepson will leave his footprints in the Moon surface some day too. ;)

Thank for sharing!



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If I had known Al and Francis were going to be there, I would have driven down. Francis co-wrote some books with my editor for the series I am currently writing for. He is a great guy, an excellent historian and a 100% class act. Plus, you should check out the museum he is involved with in San Diego. At least the Cosmosphere is closer though. :)

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My dad's family lives in San Diego and we went to that museum, along with the other attractions at Balboa Park. I think it's probably been at least 10 years, maybe more like 12 since the visit there (and being only 28, thats a while!). I know I took some pictures there with my little point and shoot film camera. I think the only ones that turned out were of the Sea Dart and Blackbird. It's definitely on my list of places to go now that I'm older.


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